Warhammer AOS - Dwarf Army Standard Limited Edition V2 - Metal - Games Workshop
25mm napoleonic french - infantry 21 figs - inf (18309)
10mm ACW confederate - 3 guns & crews - art (24431)

15mm ACW union - regt 41 figures - inf (29271)

Star Wars Star Warriors Starfighter Combat Game 1987
25mm medieval spanish - heavy 8 figures - cav (35087) Games Workshop Warhammer Malus Darkblade Mounted Metal Figure New BNIB Dark Elf
Danish Skirmish Set Wargamer DAN-2 Brand New in Box
Games Workshop Warhammer Goblins Gred Squig Herders Night Goblin Bagpipes New

15mm medieval english - peasants 32 figures - inf (23292)

Games Workshop Space Crusade Board Game Part Painted Original Game
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Empire Freeguild Guard Militia Mordheim 832
Games Workshop Limited Skulz Program Orc Head KeyChain OOP

Star Wars X-Wing Slave 1 Extension (German) Imperial Pilot Miniature

X-Wing 2nd Edition BNIB Galactic Empire Conversion Kit FFGSWZ07 0
Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Core Set
Warhammer 40,000 - 70-94 - Start Collecting Skeleton Horde New Wargaming Warhammer 40k Space Marine Army Dark Vengeance Plastic
Warhammer 40K Eldar Fire Prism Grav Tank Boxed

Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines Helbrute 128

20mm WW2 british - battle group 42 figures - inf (26997)
Warhammer job lot (Island of Blood), plus spares, book and dice. Warhammer 40k 10 X (2 Squad) Plastic Deathwing Terminators Assembled Painted
25mm napoleonic french - horse 3 guns & crews - art (33462)
Warhammer 40k 30k scenery terrain 6x4 gaming board table city urban bunker MDF Commission service Warhammer 40k Shadowspear Vanguard space marines

1.5kg of mixed miniatures....70 aprox

Howling Griffons Stormraven Gunship Warhammer 40k Games Workshop Pro Painted.