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Warhammer 40k - Terminators, Space Marines and an Ork Bundle - All metal
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Apple’s big power play comes in a small privacy feature

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Apple is nixing iTunes. The fans — and the haters — bid farewell.

Warhammer 40k Tyranid Haruspex (Very Well Painted)

Boeing 737 Max Will Be Grounded Until August

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Cybersecurity experts warn Baltimore to stop ‘playing’ with ransomware attacks

Warhammer 40k Army Space Marines Imperial Fists Terminators x5 Squad Painted

Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist

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Intel chip ‘ZombieLoad’ flaw could let hackers steal data

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Woman Admits Embezzling More Than $550,000 From Nonprofit

Games Workshop Epic 40k Space Marines 40000 Games Workshop Ruins Ruined Building

 A 51-year-old Kansas City woman has admitted that she embezzled more than $550,000 from a nonprofit that serves St. Luke’s Hospital and Health System. Kathleen Frederico pleaded guilty Tuesday to wire fraud. Prosecutors said she spent the money on shopping, travel, internet drug purchases and living expenses. Federal prosecutors say …

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Mike Pence Pledges to Rebuild After Oklahoma Flood Damage

Painted - Battletech - 6mm Sci-Fi - Resin Miniature Mech

Vice President Mike Pence is pledging to rebuild parts of Oklahoma damaged by flooding. Pence, his wife and federal agency heads on Tuesday toured Tulsa-area neighborhoods swamped after the swollen Arkansas River left its banks. Damage extends downstream into Arkansas following heavy spring rains. The Arkansas River is slowly cresting, …

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The number of hate crimes in New York City jumped by 64 percent this year, officials said Tuesday, fueled by a major spike in attacks on Jews. The New York Police Department recorded 184 hate crimes through June 2 — up from 112 in 2018 — during a period when …

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Challenge to IRS Donor Disclosure Rules Faces Key Test

An attempt by two states to force the Trump administration to resume collecting information about donors to certain nonprofit groups faces a key test Wednesday when a federal judge in Montana hears arguments about whether the states can challenge the IRS policy. Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and New Jersey Attorney …

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